Prayer Companions

Description: Praying for those affected by incarceration. Just Pray … the spirit will lead you.
Twin Cities Prison Ministry – Prayer Companions Coordinator will send out an email each month containing a short incarceration related topic, statistic, or a piece of scripture as a possible starting point for your prayers. That being said, if the spirit is leading you in a different prayer direction please
do follow the spirit’s lead. There are no requirements to pray about anything in particular during your prayer time. You are welcome to pray alone or as part of a group; conversational prayers, praying with scripture, a rosary, or whatever prayer style works best for you.
All Prayer Companions and Prayer Companion Wannabe’s are welcome!

Commitment: Time, at your discretion, once a month

Coordinator: Fr Stan Sledz. Please send an email to: to add your email
address to the list.

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