Prison Birthday Card Ministry

Description: This ministry sends messages of God’s hope and love to incarcerated brothers and sisters for their birthday.

Commitment: As a participant: Meeting every other month for 1-1.5 hours. As an organizer: about 10 hours a month.

Contact: Lori or Lynn, St Thomas Becket, Eagan, Parishioners, for information about how they set up this program in their parish.

Lori Anger,, 651-816-6932

Lynn Galarneau,, 612-816-6932

Contact: “Affirming You” to participate in this program.

More Info: St Thomas Becket joined this ministry in 2018 and meets as a group every other month to write messages and address birthday cards that will be sent to incarcerated individuals. Names, addresses and cards are provided by “Affirming You.” There is a charge for the cards.

“Affirming You”, working in partnership with the Angel Tree program from Prison Fellowship, provides a list of incarcerated people from state and federal prisons. They also provide guidelines that exceed those required by federal and state prisons.

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